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Text To Pic Creator 1.0

Text to Pic Creator is a simple program to create a picture from a text
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Text to Pic Creator, as the name suggests, is a simple program to create a picture from a text. This tool enables the user to create bitmap images from the text input. It‘s interface is very neat and intuitive to work on. The main screen displays two main options. The first one is for entering a text and the other lets you choose the font options. The font options have three sub options which can be used to change the properties of the entered text. You can change the font size of the entered text, underline or strike out the text, choose preferred script from available list of scripts, select desired font color and style, and put a suitable background color. The tool allows you to save the resulting image as a bitmap image or copy it to the clipboard. Anybody can accomplish the task by performing few steps within seconds. The tool is free to use and takes just few minutes for installing, but requires.NET Framework 1.1 for processing. It supports many popular operating systems like Windows 2003, Windows 98, ME, NT and Windows XP.

Venugopal Naidu
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  • Requires .NET Framework 1.1
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